Coffee is a year-round ritual,  we take a morning cup of coffee serious around here. Whether you simply need caffeine to wake up or you measure, grind, filter, and agitate to get the perfect brew, chances are there is a new coffee place out there that you haven’t tried that can improve your morning routineHere’s our top 5 list.



1. Bad Ass coffee co.

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We start off our list with a coffee shop born on the Big Island of Hawaii with a goal of sharing American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee with coffee lovers everywhere.

Bad Ass Coffee prides itself as a leader in sharing a wide variety of Hawaiian coffees. While all of the Hawaiian Islands produce different varieties of coffees based on the elevation where they’re grown or their weather conditions, what they all have in common is a volcanic soil that is rich with minerals which encourage the growth of healthy coffee trees. The unique weather on the islands also produces the perfect balance of temperature, rain, sun and shade with low winds to produce coffees that are mild in taste and low in acidity.

Hawaiian coffees are most often enjoyed as 100% Single Origin coffees for their hint of bright honey and fruit flavors, brown sugar notes and even berries, but also have been known to compliment other international coffee blends for the smooth finish that they provide.




2. Pinned Coffee co.

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Home of the Redbull Frappe! True espresso & Mixology bar! We make every frappe with fresh espresso and offer over 85 flavors.  Coffee shop specializing in unique drinks including a true espresso and soda bar experience.  They are the only ones in Utah to offer, Caleb’s craft, and Stubborn Craft soda’s




3. Ziggis coffee


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What started as a small coffee shop on the corner of Main Street in downtown Longmont, Colorado in 2004, has since grown to multiple drive-thru and coffeehouse locations across the U.S. From the beginning, Ziggi’s mission has always been simple: To serve a convenient and superior cup of coffee with service customers can rely on.


4. High Point Coffee

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High Point is a warm and inviting little coffee house just on the corner of 7800 south and redwood road. They offer great easy access drive thru, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of comfortable seating with charging stations good for everything from studying, business meetings, or get-togethers with friends. Full menu of options from hot lattes to top of the line frappes and delicious smoothies. Family oriented establishment with a huge selection for kids and any non-coffee drinkers as well.  fresh, delicious pastries, house-made breakfast croissants, pretty much anything your heart desires!

5. The Coffee Break

This is a new coffee shop that recently opened in Daybreak. Although there is not much information online, they already have some reviews that seem promising. Their menu offers espressos, non coffee drinks, unique signature drinks, Redbull drinks and some delicious pastries.

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There’s more to speciality coffee than the looks of it. If there’s one great thing about it, that is its quality. If you visit a coffee shop and see a good, experienced barista do their job, you’ll be amazed. You’ll notice the barista weigh the coffee beans on a scale, grind them, and pour them with a unique technique.

Seeing how a barista does the preparation is one thing; having the actual aroma and taste of the specialty coffee is another. You’ll savour something like no other with it’s rich flavor and strong aroma, no matter what your order is. This is because the industry pays particular attention to the quality of the coffee beans, the use of proper tools and machines, and the right preparation techniques.


Let us know if you have visited any of these shops and which one is your favorite.