Here at The One Group Utah, we know that activities, recreation & opportunities available for kids & families play a huge factor in choosing to move to a new town. You don’t want to move somewhere that offers no place to let kids be kids and enjoy some fresh air. We’ve compiled this list of the best city parks in northern Utah County, according to The One Group Utah, for kids & families to assist you in finding what’s available as you consider a move to Utah and, possibly, Utah County:

Discovery (Manilla) Park:
Wet pour rubber (also known as soft-fall rubber) coats the ground on this freshly redesigned park in the heart of Pleasant Grove. The park features multiple climbing structures resembling a castle, and space ship! The park also boasts tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a soccer field.

Harvey Park:
One word, massive. This wide-open park has sprawling fields surrounding the wet pour rubber-coated modern playground. The jungle gym is mostly comprised of rope obstacles and slides. There is a zipline, wind instruments, and swing sets with even a tandem swing option. A water park, Tennis courts, basketball courts, and pickle ball courts can be found alongside the picnic areas that separate the spaces. This is a perfect place to spread out a bit!

Creekside Park:
This park features a water splash pad zone, Volleyball court, hills for water slides, basketball courts, and wide-open spaces! This park is perfect for an afternoon picnic and a quick pickup game. There are a couple of play gyms as well for the kiddos (albeit small kids).

Westmore Park:
This park features a ropes course section that is perfect for the kids that are not quite double digits! A play gym for the small kiddos is also available, and the trees that surround the play areas in the park are ideal for the parents to relax in the shade while the kids have their fun! While not the biggest park, this one looks absolutely amazing in the fall and the different colored leaves fall.

Wardle Fields Regional Park:
While not in the Utah county line, this park is too good to pass up if you are living in north Utah County! This park is huge, with one of the largest water/splash pad parks in Salt Lake/Utah counties. This park has it all and in “Giant” proportions. A zipline, swings, tennis and pickleball courts, a slide tower, soccer, football fields, basketball courts, rope course structures, and large picnic areas make this park seem roomy even when packed!