New year, new you—and a new place to match? As we enter 2022, we can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months will have in store. And, since we’ve been spending a lot of time at home, we’re thinking about how to update our spaces with the latest trends. Though our personal quarters are meant to reflect our own aesthetics, staying up to date on the most recent fads can offer a breath of fresh air.

For millennia, interior design trends have been used as aesthetic aids in our attempts to find some sort of inner peace: take the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, where spatial positioning corresponds with energy flow, or wabi sabi, the Japanese practice of embracing an imperfections, or ancient Rome’s fondness for using earth-tone colors and geometric patterns in order to mimic the harmony of nature.

Chic Chocolate Hues


“We have been seeing a lot of clients embrace rich chocolate browns and lighter camel colors for their interiors,” Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Miretta Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina. “This goes for paint as well as finishes and soft decor items like pillows and linens. These warmer tones feel more welcoming and are a backlash to the oversaturation of grays. People are over seeing interiors marked by light gray, dark gray, and more gray around every corner!


People are starting to get more creative with their work-from-home solutions

Many open-plan kitchens will continue to adapt into alternative work spaces with smart shelves, space-saving features, and maximized corners. I’m predicting an insurgence of kitchen nooks as cozy work-from-home options.



Though many people think of marble as being the domain of kitchens and polished floors, the style has cleverly found its way around the home in pieces like tables, decorative accessories, and table lamps. The forms can twist and turn, creating an almost modern psychedelic effect with a classic creative element.


Freestanding Bathtubs

In recent years there’s been a lot of hand-wringing over whether or not to keep a tub in a main bathroom. But it seems the debate has mostly been settled. Those who enjoy taking baths wouldn’t give theirs up for anything, nor should they.

A freestanding, flat-bottom acrylic soaking tub is by far the preferred choice. Of the 37% of homeowners who choose to upgrade their tub during a renovation, more than half (54%) go with a freestanding acrylic soaking model, according to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.


Reclaimed materials

Similarly, it seems like we’ll also be looking toward “greener” materials in the year ahead. In the Interior Designer Trends Survey from online marketplace 1stDibs, which asked 750 interior designers from its trade program about their tastes going into the new year, roughly 97 percent of designers said sustainable materials will reign supreme in 2022.



Giving hand-me-down items a second shot isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s a habit we’re expecting to see continue throughout 2022. More and more people are turning to second-hand furniture to add character to their home instead of buying everything brand new. Not only can this trend save you some money, it’s also better for the environment. Thrift shopping can help minimize carbon emissions in the atmosphere by lowering the demand for new clothing. You can find high quality items at local garage sales, estate sales, and even online marketplaces. The Antique Flea Market at Veteran’s Stadium is a great place to pick up unique vintage finds.  florals, animal print, and bright colors. Anything with a 70’s flair to it like textured fabrics and tables with peg legs are also hot right now.

Going green

This year is all about making a statement, with Leaf Envy predicting many of us will go big with our houseplants. Extra large varieties, from the fiddle leaf fig to the Swiss cheese plant, will be on the agenda. Kentia palms, money trees and anthuriums are among the top 10 trending houseplants for 2022, new research by Primrose has found. As part of their Garden Trends Report, Primrose analyzed over 5.5 million unique searches from their internal database to uncover what trends will lead the way this year.


What are your favorite trends for this year?