We have all heard the term “Entertainer’s Delight” when it comes to buying, selling, or even renting a home, but what does the term really mean?

While some prefer to reserve their home as a private place of refuge, many others delight in the idea of using their home to entertain their friends and extended family. If you are one who finds entertaining guests pleasurable, read on to learn more about a few features that make certain homes especially conducive for such use.



Open Concept Floor-Plan

One of the most popular features in an entertainer’s home is an open, modern kitchen with a connected breakfast nook or formal dining room. The spacious feel aids in guests’ comfort in mingling. Though the kitchen does not necessarily need to be large, it will quickly become a focal gathering point of your home, especially if you have a spacious kitchen island or bar.


Set The Mood with Ambient Lighting

Setting the mood is a vital element in creating a space felicitous for guests. During the day, you may rely on natural lighting from large windows, french doors, and decorative mirrors for light reflection. In the evening, gentle, ambient lighting goes a long way in creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Consider the soft glow in one of your favorite restaurants and notice how they strategically layer lighting to achieve their desired atmosphere. Chandeliers, floor-lamps, low-hanging pendant lights, candles, and delicate wall-fixtures are just a few options for a successful lighting scheme.


Indoor-Outdoor Continuity

Creating a classy terrace space to take your guests outdoors when the weather is nice provides a comfortable flow of company events. Outdoor light strands, rugs, and throw blankets add a pleasing touch as well. And with a small amount of work, an outdoor kitchen can be built for additional convenience and luxury. Even something as simple as a few lawn chairs can go a long way in entertaining a casual group of friends.


Private Guest Suite

Many times, entertaining guests means you’ll have overnight company. Whether buying a home or building new, consider a layout such that the guest suite is self-contained with a private bathroom in a separate area of the home, away from other bedrooms. This separation provides privacy for both your family and guests.


Remember, entertaining is not a one-size-fits-all outfit. What works well for you, may not be work for others, and that’s a good thing! Most importantly, you should concentrate on creating a space that gives you the confidence to entertain (even at the last-minute) so that you will never miss an opportunity to create beautiful memories with your friends and loved ones.