Sugar House is a very popular neighborhood in Salt Lake City real estate, as it offers residents a dense suburban feel and features a lot of activities for residents and visitors alike, including many coffee shops, diverse restaurants, laid-back nightlife, parks, and excellent shopping with many local shops. The Sugar House neighborhood is home to a blend of families and young professionals, Salt Lake City real estate in Sugar House is always in high demand and features a slew of cute bungalows and cottages.

Sugar House Earned Its Name From Humble Beginnings
The name Sugar House comes from the sugar beets first planted here a century and a half ago by pioneer settlers. Since then, it has turned into one of the most offbeat, eclectic, progressive enclaves in the valley. 

Sugar House is Home to Some of Salt Lake City’s Best Shopping, Dining, & Hidden Gems
Residents across the valley come to Sugar House for pub fare of the highest order found at the district’s foremost breweries, long-time neighborhood staples, and newer bars and restaurants alike. Heavy supporters of the “Buy Local” movement, Sugar House is home to an array of cool, locally-owned shops. Keep your eyes to the sky and check out the abundance of vintage signs and hidden gems.

Sugar House District is Home to One of The Largest Parks in the Valley
Sugar House Park, spread out across more than 110 acres of expansive, rolling hills, is frequently bustling with activity. You’ll find dog walkers and runners taking laps around the pond, picnics and parties on the many pavillions, snow tubing in the winter, and families out just enjoying the crisp mountain air. Fairmont Park, just down the road and also in Sugar House, offers a variety of different options including a dog park, one of Salt Lake City’s best skate parks, soccer fields, and the Fairmont Aquatic Center.

Sugar House is Perfectly Located
Residents of the Sugar House District love the easy accessibility to both Downtown Salt Lake City and the Cottonwood Canyons. This makes it the perfect place to live for an easy workday commute and a quick weekend getaway to the mountains. Even better? Almost all of the world-famous ski resorts Utah has to offer are within 30 minutes of Sugar House.

Sugar House is Home to a Private College
Located in the heart of Sugar House is the private school, Westminster College. This adds a fun flair and “college town” vibe to the neighborhood. 

Extra FUN Fact about the Sugar House Neighborhood
Were you a fan of “High School Musical” growing up? Yes, THAT Disney Channel Original Movie starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens? The movie was actually filmed at the Sugar House neighborhood’s own East High School! Many of the iconic locations in the school scenes still stand in the high school today.