If you’re planning a move to Utah and the Wasatch Front, Layton City has most likely popped up on your radar. It’s perfectly located, consistently considered one of the best cities to raise a family, and bursting with activities and opportunities. Plus, the real estate market in Layton isn’t bad either. Here are 5 things to know about Layton as you consider a move to Utah and the Wasatch Front and buying real estate in Layton.

Boasts an unbeatable location
Buying real estate in Layton is the perfect choice for someone who wants to work in the city but likes the better cost of living and more open spaces of the suburbs. With its superb location in the northern part of the Wasatch Front in northern Davis County, Layton is perfectly situated to make an easy commute to both Salt Lake City and Ogden. With a short drive south on I-15, you have access to all of the business opportunities and shopping that Salt Lake City has to offer, along with its vast array of local activities, entertainment venues, and the ever-popular Temple Square. An even shorter drive north on I-15 gets you into the heart of Ogden and all of the activities and shopping that it has to offer.

Very family-oriented
With more than 1/3 of the city’s population falling under the age of 18, real estate in Layton is extremely attractive to those looking for a place to raise their family. As a whole, the state of Utah holds one of the top rankings of youngest median age in the US, with an average age of around 30 years old, and Layton has followed suit with the surrounding area being developed to fit this demographic and lifestyle, meaning there are plenty of activities for the family in Layton.

Comfortable and (mostly) pleasant weather
While there will be some cooler winter days and warmer summer days, Layton’s average temperate is typically very comfortable and pleasant, with average temperatures falling between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The mostly mild weather makes real estate in Layton attractive to people of all ages. Even with above-average snowfall, roughly 40 inches a year, the mild temperatures make it much more bearable. Summers do tend to be warm and dry, with the hottest months experiencing minimal rainfall (we are still a desert area, after all!).

Endless outdoor adventure
Surround by mountain peaks, lakes, hiking trails, and so much more, real estate in Layton is very desirable for nature lovers and those seeking a home with easy access to limitless outdoor recreation. With its proximity to Farmington Bay of the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains, there are activities for residents of all ages. There’s swimming and fishing at the Bay, hiking and biking trails galore at one of the many Wasatch mountain peaks, and Layton is the gateway to Antelope Island, the largest of ten islands within the Great Salt Lake.

Low(er) cost of living
Real estate in Layton may be a bit pricier than the neighbors to the north in Ogden, but it’s still about 16% cheaper than in Salt Lake City (as of 2019). Aside from real estate in Layton, when you compare other cost of living factors with the rest of the state and country, Layton is quite reasonable. Average food and grocery costs are about 4% less than the US median, and utilities and local transportation also fall below national averages by healthy percentages. Because of these lower averages, the cost of living in Layton balances out even when combined with the real estate market, making another case for the desirability of living in Layton.